Review: Why Play Naughty Was Ranked In Position #9 may seem like a site that will hook you up with hot British women, but through our experience we walked away with empty beds. Many people have found that fling dating is best completed online, because you can browse a world of profiles without even leaving your house. As such, there are a ton of websites that are devoted to fling dating, and getting you laid. In a quest to help men everywhere, we decided to thoroughly test every popular fling dating site so that we could help men hook up with women in the best manner possible. Below we detail why Playnaughty is an awful site, and should be avoided.

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Results From Review Of Our Results After 3 Months

We joined in the hopes that we would find beautiful women to hook up with, but what we were left with were limited profiles of fake women. We diligently sent out emails to profiles, and never got any responses from real women. Sure, we did get some spam responses but when we recapped our success, we really had none. In all of our messages we got few responses, and really had nobody to choose from. We would have better luck walking down the sidewalk bumping into women, rather than shopping around online.

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Play Naughty DOESN’T DESERVE YOUR ATTENTION! After we tried this fling site we were DISAPPOINTED. It was really shitty! DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME. Click on this link to find the Top Fling Sites

Why Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?)

There were a few things that really annoyed us about, and if improved this site might be much more efficient. The first thing that needs to happen, is more real women need to be on the site. Anyone can put up a beautiful picture of a woman on the welcome page, but you actually want to be able to meet a flesh and blood woman. However, if you are going to meet women you need to be able to message them, which is why this site needs to have more options. This site is behind in technology, so it needs to be brought into the future, increase traffic, and maybe you would get laid if you became a member. In comparison with, and, this site is definitely the worst. Review: Conclusion

We spent three months browsing around, and the only thing that we walked about with was boredom. We didn’t meet anyone that wanted to meet up, much less getting laid by sexy women. So, in our opinion you would have better luck on any site other than this.