Xdating.com Review: Why x Dating Was Ranked In Position #13

Xdating.com was a site that we were really excited about, but we found after three months of use that there were no hook ups to be found on this site. When you join a fling dating site you want to make sure that you join a site that is well reviewed, and when we started our journey into the world of these sites, we found that reviews were scarce or weren’t genuine. We wasted a lot of time on the wrong sites before we found sites that actually worked, and in an effort to save your time, we decided that we would create reviews of sites so that you could choose a site confidently, and know you will meet sexy British women and get laid.

x Dating user feedback

Results From Xdating.com : Review of Our Results after 3 Months

We decided to spend three months on every site so that we could really give an accurate view of what a membership consisted of. Through the three months that we spent on Xdating.com, we did find that there were a good number of women to talk to, or so it seemed that way. After messaging these women, we came to the conclusion that many had to be fake profiles, because the response rate was abysmal. That being said, we also hated the messaging system. It seemed like sometimes messages wouldn’t go through, and you couldn’t tell if they had even been read or not. This is a basic tool that most dating sites used, so it was sad to find that Xdating was so behind the times.

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Why Xdating.com Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?)

We always compare and contrast the dating sites that we have tried so that we can give you a well-rounded view. So, we compared this site with Flirtbox.co.uk as well as hornymatches.com and found both of these sites to be better. This isn’t saying a lot, because we had an awful time in our membership on those sites as well. So, we pretty much rank Xdating.com as the worst of the worst, and we’re surprised that they even have members at all.

Xdating.com Review: Conclusion

We walked away from our experience on Xdating with a disappointed view of fling dating sites, and you would think that fling dating on the internet would be easier. We found that the site you choose totally determines if you will get laid, and if that is your main goal, then you should pick a site that is better than Xdating.com.