Xpress.com Review: Why Xpress Was Ranked In Position #2

Five guys were on a mission to determine what the best fling dating sites were in the industry. In our research, we found that Xpress.com was second on our list. There are so many people looking for flings online that it’s unreal. This explains why there are so many sites available for singles looking to start casual affairs online. As such, individuals may be a little confused when they are faced with a world of fling dating sites and have no idea which ones to select. This is where we come in. With our scientific process, we determined which sites were the best and how you can get laid during your membership.

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Xpress.com: Reviewing Results From Xpress

In three months that we spent on Xpress we found that there were a lot of women responding to our messages and we had bunch of good times. However, we didn’t have as many responses as Socialsex.com which is why Xpress.com is second on our list. Also, Xpress close behind because of their easy interface and low fees. Out of all three, Xpress sits right in the middle and is one of the best sites that you can use when you are looking for a fling online.

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Our team tested X Press and we ranked it #2 on our BEST fling website list – We Guarantee you will pick up many British women.

Tactics That Worked Well On Xpress.com

We found that all women on Xpress were easy to talk to, which made writing messages simple. On this site you want to talk to these women just like you would talk to a lady you are interested in, so don’t be vulgar. We found that the best approach is a genuine approach; compliment of their appearance or taste in interests. Also, this site was different because you can talk a little bit about yourself, where we generally recommend you keep it short and to the point.

Xpress.com Review: Get an Edge On Xpress

If you are looking for some inside information on how to impress the ladies on Xpress.com, then you came to the right place. There are so many tips to share with you but the most important is that you keep a little bit of mystery. All too often people share way too much about themselves. Remember, she doesn’t care about your job or your college degree. Get her to meet you in public otherwise you may be looking at an internet correspondence instead of a hookup. As long as you go after what you want on this site, you are bound to get laid within your first couple of days.

Xpress.com Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About Xpress

Every site has its ups and downs and Xpress.com is no exception. We have to say that the one thing that really bothered us about this site was the appearance of the majority of the members. There are hot women on this site but we found that there were more average looking girls. That being said, most of the women that you find on fling dating sites are completely average. For us, it would have been nice if there were more attractive women. However, we did like the fact that they responded quickly and were typically eager to meet in the same night.

Xpress.com Review: Our Final Recommendation

In our final look over Xpress, we can’t help but recommend this site wholeheartedly. We had a lot of fun and we think that you will too. There are so many spam sites out there that it really is hard to find a successful fling dating site. Xpress.com is definitely one of the best.