Swingingheaven.co.uk Review: Why Swinging Heaven Was Ranked In Position #15

When we decided to try out the most popular fling dating sites UK offers, some people thought that we were crazy. We dedicated months of our time toward endlessly messaging women and trying to figure out which sites actually got us results. This is how we came upon our time on Swingingheaven.co.uk through searching the internet for fling dating sites. At first appearances this looked like a site that we could have a lot of fun on, but when we walked away from our three month membership we felt that our time had been wasted and we didn’t have any exciting escapades to show for it. Below we outline the reasons that you should avoid this site at all costs and choose a more reputable site to help you get laid.

Swinging Heaven user feedback

Results from Swingingheaven.co.uk: Review of Our Results after 3 Months

When you join a fling dating site you want to be able to message members and have them message you back. Actually, many sites now have options for instant messaging so you can use a messenger interface to talk to other members in real time. These technological advances aren’t present on any part of this fling dating site’s interface and we’re pretty sure it’s to mask the fact that there are no women on the site. We sent out tons of messages over the three months that we were online and we didn’t get laid once. So, at the end of three months, there was no way that we were going to pay for anymore, and we said goodbye to this fraud site and all of their scammer profiles.

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Why Swingingheaven.co.uk Is a Not Worth Joining (Is It a Scam?)

We found that there weren’t a lot of women that we could talk to, and honestly no women messaged us on their own. In our experience, in three months on a site, you generally get messages once a week and we were lucky to get a response once a month. There are a ton of women that are looking to hook up online, but if you use sites like Flirtbox.co.uk, Swinginheaven.co.uk, or Xdating.com, you aren’t going to find anyone to fulfill your fantasies.

Swingingheaven.co.uk Review: Conclusion

When we finished our three months, we vowed never to look back on our miserable experience on Swingingheaven.co.uk. If you see this site just keep it moving because this fling dating site has nothing to offer you.