Fling.com Review: Why Fling Was Ranked In Position # 6

As it turned out, Fling.com was an incredibly good site to be on for casual encounters in the UK. We had a great time, slept with few women and generally got everything we could have hoped for from a world class online fling site. The results that we got were definitely worth our time and money on this great UK online fling site. If you want to have more success and more flings with recommend to you to use our top 1 site Socialsex.com.

We also did not have a problem with fake profiles. You can tell that Fling takes extra caution to protect you from online scammers. This is difficult to do, and there is no denying that Fling has done a great job despite being a prime target for online scammers.

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Fling.com: Reviewing Results From Fling

We spent 3 months on Fling.com, during which time we took the liberty of sending 450 emails to different women through our time here (5 emails per day). This turned out to be a great strategy, as we got more replies than we could keep up with. These were more than 300 replies, which culminated in setting up 30 dates, meeting 28 actual women and sleeping with 24 of these hot British women. The numbers speak for themselves, it was genuinely a great opportunity to sleep with British women.

We used the tips outlined in the online dating guide to get these women. This was definitely a good idea that you should use as well if you are looking for casual UK encounters.

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Our team tested Fling and we ranked it #6 on our BEST fling website list.

Tactics That Worked Well On Fling

We tried out a total of 450 first emails, so by the end of our time on Fling.com, we had refined our strategy and how to send emails. There were the two emails that worked best, and got us the most number of replies.

Subject: looking to spend time with a classy woman

Message: I am looking for a little bit more than simply fun in the bedroom. I am looking for a classy woman that can engage me both physically and mentally. Although we are not here looking for a serious, long-term relationship, there is no reason why we can’t have plenty of fun in the sheets and out of them. By the looks of your profile, we will get along just fine! Hit me up if you are interested.

Subject: I’ll save the penis references for later!

Message: let me throw you a little curve ball, I will not describe my sexual prowess or include pictures of me nude. What I can do is tell you that I am really interested in your profile. Maybe we could chat and discuss a little more about our mutual love for (insert shared activity). I will be looking forward to a response from you.

These are examples of first emails that worked great on Fling. If you follow the casual dating guide, you can get more ideas about first emails that work on UK casual dating sites.

Fling.com Review: Get an Edge on Fling

By keeping your profile visible on Fling.com, you can get an edge over the competition. You can do this by logging on to the site daily. Another good strategy to stay on top of search results is to update your profile information every two days or so. This keeps your account active and more visible to British women looking for casual sex.

Fling.com Pitfalls: What we didn’t like About Fling

Fling.com was overall a great website. We did have an encounter with a weirdo, bordering on stalking. It was easy enough to delete her profile and continue with women that were actually interested in casual encounters in the UK. This was a small speed bump that we got over pretty soon!

Fling.com Review: Our Final Recommendation

Fling.com is 100% recommended for anyone looking for British women for casual sex. There are plenty of women here looking for fast hook-ups. With the casual dating guide and a little bit of common sense, you can get plenty of hot women here. The best part is that you don’t even have to look like Brad Pitt to get hot British women for casual sex. You only need to use the resources provided by the casual dating guide and you are good to go!