Review: Why Adultfriendfinder Was Ranked In Position # 5

Finally, we reveal the last site in our top fling dating sites in the UK, and the spot belongs to none other than This is a site that is well known around the world, has been referenced in movies, and pops up when people are looking for any version of sex dating. This site has a really large member base, but there were many reasons why Adultfriendfinder barely squeaked in at number 5.
Adult Friend Finder user feedback Reviewing Results From Adultfriendfinder

When looking at the rank of, you might wonder why it wasn’t ranked higher, and why a site like edged it out. Well the reasoning is simple, people think of Adultfriendfinder more like an older sex chat site, rather than a hook up site. There are many features that allow user to talk, and have sexual conversations online, so there isn’t a real drive to meet. We did get a lot of responses to all of our messages, but most of the women were just interested in swapping pics.

Tactics That Worked Well On Adultfriendfinder

If you want to meet a woman on then you need to state so within the first message. Many people are interested in conversing back and forth, and we found that people are more eager to meet when they are still strangers. Remember, you can talk to each other in person, your main goal is to get her to meet you somewhere. The one thing that is interesting about Adultfriendfinder is that people send nude pictures all the time, and their profiles are full of explicit pictures, so it’s totally ok to include those in your messages. Everything on Adultfriendfinder is a little raunchier so you can get away with more lewd emails.

Adult Friend Finder Free subscription
Our team tested Adult Friend Finder and we ranked it #5 on our BEST fling website list – We Guarantee you will pick up many British women. Review: Get an Edge On Adultfriendfinder

If you want an edge on this site, you will have to be clever. There are a lot of men who show pics of their bodies, but if you have a personality to go along with it then you will stand out. You could also not show pics of the goods up front, which can also give you an advantage. You will have to do what works for you, but remember your main goal is simply to captivate your audience. Pitfalls: What We didn’t like about Adultfriendfinder

The things that are annoying about, are the age of the people and all the nude pictures. Sure, it’s nice to see pics occasionally, but sometimes you get tired through browsing pages of porn. The best thing that we recommend is to find a woman that has her face on her profile, although it isn’t uncommon, it is definitely a rarity. Generally we found that these women were interested in meeting, and seemed the most genuine. Review: Our Final Recommendation

Although Adultfriendfinder is ranked 5th it doesn’t mean that we had no success on this site. We actually met quite a few women, and had a couple of fun excursions. So, if you are looking to have some steamy chats, and occasionally meet some women, then you should definitely sign up for a membership at