Review : Why Social Sex Was Ranked In Position #1

We’re excited to reveal the top websites that you should use if you are considering starting out on your fling dating adventure. is ranked at the top of our list because of the success that we found in our three month membership. Below we outline why fling dating on this site worked for us and how you can get it to work for you.

Social Sex user feedback : Reviewing Results From Social Sex is at the very top of our list, closely followed by and What really edged out the competition was the fact that Social Sex had a larger user base with women that were real and ready to meet. We can’t tell you exactly how many women we met in the three months we were on this site but we can tell you that you won’t be disappointed. This is the best site out of all the ones that we tried and we’ll show you how to excel in your adventures on Social Sex.

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Our team tested Social Sex and we ranked it #1 on our BEST fling website list – We Guarantee you will pick up many British women.

Tatics That Worked Well On Social Sex

When we were browsing through the profiles, we developed a system to try out emails to members of Social Sex to see which messages got women to respond more often. We found out that leading off with a joke was a great way to get a response or to talk about an interest that we had in common. Remember, even though you are on a fling site you still have to win over a woman enough to where she wants to meet you in public. You can send any type of emails you want, as long as you know that the more you talk about yourself; the more you increase the risk of turning her off. So keep it brief and get her to meet you in person! Review: Get an Edge On Social Sex

When you join you want to stand out from the hundreds of other men that are frequenting the site looking to get laid with British chicks, as such there are several tips that we found useful in getting her to respond to you. The first thing that you need to do is have a great picture; one that isn’t blurry and shows your body. Afterwards, make sure you take a few minutes and actually fill out parts of your profile. Finally, you should message as many women as possible. Some women change relationship status frequently and not answer. You’ll never know unless you try! Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About Social Sex isn’t perfect, most fling dating sites aren’t, but the first thing that really annoyed us about this site was the design. We found the whole layout to be a little sloppy and it was hard to navigate in some areas. We also found some spam profiles, which could be removed if they had a better security system. Overall we had great experiences on this site, which is why it made the top spot of our list. You have to take the good with the bad. Review: Our Final Recommendation

For those interested in getting the most out of their fling dating experience, try We prefer this site to all the others and we had a lot of fun experiences and met a large number of beautiful women. If you are seeking to fulfill that fling dating fantasy of yours, look no further than spending some quality time on We know that you’ll be incredibly happy and you have no issues in finding women that share your interests.