Online VS Offline Dating: Pros & Cons

online offlineOnline VS Offline Dating

Why Offline Dating Is Over In Wirral

Offline dating has lost a lot of steam thanks to the presence of online dating platforms. Really, we think it’s about time. Although offline dating has been necessary in evolving us to the point we are at today, it’s clear to see that it is a form of connection that provides vastly unfavorable odds to the men that partake in it. Bachelors all over the world are apprehensive towards the idea of meeting women in person. Go to any bar in Wirral and you can clearly see that there are several women lined up at the bar, and several men sitting down in chairs, thinking about approaching the women but being afraid to do so. The fact is that a fear of rejection has been bred in us men, and it’s really hard to get over that genetic inclination. What’s more, the women at the bar all seem to be looking down into their internet devices, so they’re scarcely paying attention to all of the potential suitors that are sitting right there in the same room as them. As men, we just want to have sex with women, we don’t want to go through the whole process of courting them. However, dating is a game, and only the ones who know how to play the game right will have a proper shot at getting laid. You can spend your time playing the dating game offline or online, the choice is yours.

Online Dating: Cons

Although we are of the opinion that online dating is vastly superior to offline dating, it certainly comes with its fair share of cons. The main one of these that springs to mind is the lack of personal connection attached to online dating. It’s great that you have access to co many people right from your computer screen, but you don’t really ever get to see them in the flesh unless they agree to meet you on a first date. Even getting a first date means having to send several messages to dozens of women using the platform, which is just about the least personal way of dating that anyone can imagine. Although that’s a significant con, we still think that online dating, as a whole, is much better than offline dating.

Meet Singles On Online Platforms: Pros

There are far too many pros to online dating to list in this post, so we’ll focus on the main two. The first is that online dating is so convenient. Before, you would spend your free time at home, lounging around your house watching TV. Now, you can still watch your favorite programs, but this time you have your laptop as a tool while you’re doing so, and that tool can link you to dozens of online women living in your area, waiting to have some hot sex with you. The second major pro of online dating is the fact that the odds are vastly in your favor in this venture. Before, you’d have to approach women in the flesh without knowing if they are into the same idea of casual sex as you are.You would have to be a mind reader, in essence, which none of us are. However, with online dating, the woman’s intentions are spelt in clear English right in her online dating profile, so you know exactly what she’s looking for and if her desires are compatible with yours.

Online Dating: More Variety

One can not argue that there is way more variety when it comes to online dating. In terms of bars and clubs in your area, certain locations contain one specific type of woman, so you’ll have to venture to another bar in order to find another woman that might tickle your fancy. However, with online dating, women of all sorts are all grouped together on the same website, so you don’t have to venture too far to find someone new.

Offline Dating: Dating Friends

A major con with offline dating is that it sometimes forces people to date their friends from lack of alternative options. Although there are several cases of friends dating that have led to true love in a relationship, we think that there are many more cases of the temporary romance between friends to ruin the friendship effectively. Avoid the possibility of ruining the relationships with your friends by sticking to online dating, and avoiding offline dating.