Xmatch.com Review: Why Xmatch.com Was Ranked In Position # 4

When we started our fling dating venture we really didn’t think that we would have as much success as we had. This lead to a well-rounded group of 5 sites that will get you laid tonight. Just because Xmatch.com comes in at the number 4 spot doesn’t mean that this site has fewer results. In fact, we had to get super picky when we were deciding what website went where and most of the distinguish ranks are because of design and message system flaws. Below we discuss why Xmatch is such a great site and why you should join up today.

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Xmatch.com : Reviewing Results From Xmatch

In looking at our top five, Xmatch.com is situated right between Sexfinder.com and Adultfriendfinder.com. The reason that Xmatch missed out on the third spot is because of the increase in fake profiles that we found on this site. There were a good number of women that looked like they were models and we all know that these profiles don’t really exist on fling dating sites. However, Xmatch does have a younger user base, which is why Adultfriendfinder.com slid to the 5th spot. All in all, Xmatch is a great site that we had a lot of fun with.

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Our team tested X Match and we ranked it #4 on our BEST fling website list – We Guarantee you will pick up many British women.

Tactics That Worked Well On Xmatch

Emails on Xmatch.com are much like those that you would write anywhere else, except you can be a little more sexual. Most of the men on this site are complete tools, so you can get a little sexually playful in initial emails as long as you aren’t vulgar. Women on this site also like to be in control and they will sometimes ask to meet before you can even type the sentences. Don’t be afraid to let her take the lead because either way you will be meeting with a beautiful woman tonight.

Xmatch.com Review: Get an Edge On Xmatch

If you want an edge on the other men on Xmatch.com, then all you have to do is talk like a normal human being. There is a mixed population of douchebags and children on this site so proper English is a must. As long as you talk to women like they are women, then you should have no problem receiving many responses for these sexy ladies that frequent this adult fling site.

Xmatch.com Pitfalls: What We Didn’t Like About Xmatch

There were a couple of things that we didn’t like about this site, which is why it is ranked 4. There are more fake profiles on this site which is mildly annoying and can take away from your experience if you can’t spot them right off the bat. There are also less users on this site than any other in the top 5. The only reason that this site didn’t end up last in our list is because the user base is a younger age and interested in quickly meeting up.

Xmatch.com Review: Our Final Recommendation

At the end of our three month stint on this site, we found that we had met with a decent number of women and had enough responses that this site was worthy of a place on our top 5. There are better sites out there but for someone that is casually looking to have a fling every now and then; this could be the perfect site for you.